Become part of the self-defined style REVOLUTIO...




Become part of the self-defined style REVOLUTIO...


Shhhhh.... it's a secret!

The Secret Sewing Club is unique in the sewing world.

There is no other sewing club like this around - with access to such a HUGE  library of lessons and award - winning courses, a lively and vibrant community, and a tutor on hand to answer your questions, cheer you on, and help you troubleshoot your sewing challenges!

And you tutor, Annie Lucas, as well as having a life-time's sewing experience, is also a qualified coach…  which means you are in safe hands as you navigate the emotional side of your sewing (r)evolution.

Join now!
  • Out-dated standardised sizing has taught us that there's something wrong with us. 
  • Industry 'trends' dictate what we should wear
  • Profit informs manufacturing (not customer comfort)

Say NO MORE to painful changing room experiences,  achieve your sewing ambitions and create garments which fit while supporting your well-being.

Pssst...want to know a secret? 🤫


You don't have to follow the rules... 


You are NOT 'Not good enough' to sew that silk / knit / sateen fabric you love so much?!

You are NOT  'Not confident enough' for that bold print that sings to you...!?

You are NOT 'Only meant to cover everything up' with a floaty tunic top?!


You have a right to dress:

 In a way that reflects WHO you are,

In clothes that fit properly + feel completely comfortable

In a way that makes you feel good, regardless of 'the rules'...


It's time to kick the rules to the curb...

I mean, who made them up anyway?

What is the Secret Sewing Club?

An award-winning sewing hub facilitated with kindness, encouragement + understanding.

A community of people stepping away from made-up fashion 'rules' + writing their own...

Award-winning on-demand courses 24/7

A course library of over 350 lessons, taking you from absolute beginner - via skills building, stretch fabrics and serging, to sewing garments confidently + competently. Curtains and Cushions courses too! worth £800

'Ask me Anything' on ZOOM every other week 

Live Q+A sessions every other week (at alternating times to suit different lifestyles and time-zones) to support you, and help you do your best work  - worth £200 a year

LIVE, course specific, support blocks 

An annual programme of LIVE course specific weekly support blocks which you can access for accountability and peer support.  Via zoom + recorded for catch up - worth £300

Where do I sign up?

Take me to the Revolution!

About Annie

Passionate about sewing as a means to free women from fast fashion, and feeling better about themselves, Annie started sewing as a child when she discovered a bag of fabric in the family utility room.

Self taught, but with degrees from Central St Martins and London College of Fashion, Annie created Start to Stitch to teach the very basics and beyond in a digestible, uncomplicated way. 

She wants to pave the way for a new community of sewists to self-define their style, and to support them to develop a better relationship with their bodies as they do.

Meaningful Connection 

Community is as an important part of the club as the learning, development and sewing growth you will enjoy.

We strongly believe that sharing space with like-minded people who support your aims, celebrate your achievements, and inspire you to learn more, is a key part of staying on track with your sewing.


What our members say... 

Also included monthly in the club


A monthly masterclass / project to keep you on your toes and fill any gaps in your knowledge.  As a member you will have the chance to choose what topics we cover -  worth £30 a month


Monthly ‘Club Sewcials’ to hang out with other members, and including a mini Stitch in Time coaching session to keep you reflecting on your sewing practise and goals - worth £40 a month 


A FREE monthly Book Club to share a favourite book that will encourage your growth as a sewist, challenge your mind, or support your well-being

This sounds amazing! 

How much?

When are the live sessions?

Our membership schedule is created around UK school holidays, and broken into 3 seasonal semesters.

All of our live sessions are scheduled a year in advance so that you can plan ahead and make the most of your membership.

Each month you will receive a printable monthly schedule for your diary / sewing room, and these will also be located in your members area.

Where possible we have scheduled sessions at a time that should be accessible for most time zones.

All live sessions are held through ZOOM + most are also streamed to the Facebook group.

Everything except the course dedicated teaching blocks will be live streamed into the Facebook Group for you to catch up in your own time, or join in without camera, at your convenience. This means replays are immediately available.

Course blocks will be recorded and uploaded into the members area for those who could not make that week.

You do NOT have to attend the live blocks to enjoy the courses at your own pace... simply drop into the Ask me Anything Sessions at your convenience to speak to Annie and have your questions answered.

Membership to suit you....

10 months - 2 months free!
Rolling Membership
Give the gift of sewing!